Xmas Espresso Martini

We are all going to be eating way too much over the next few days. Fact. However for those are trying to eat a bit less, or fancy something other than cake, here is a little surprise recipe from us, the Xmas Espresso Martini. And what makes it Christmassy? We have have given it a gingerbready twist, here is how it’s done:

What you need per portion:

  • 5 cl vodka
  • 5 cl coffee liquor ( we used Kahlua)
  • 1 shot espresso (we recommend decaf if you are having it in the evening)
  • 2 cl gingerbread syrup
  • ice
  • glimmer sugar – for decoration

And here is how it’s done:

While Tizzy is making the decaf espresso, I am chilling the glasses.

Next we add the vodka, the coffee liquor, the ice and the syrup in the shaker and shake it. At last we add the fresh espresso to the mix and shake it until the coffee had cooled down.

Finally, decoration. I have dipped the glass first in the syrup, then in the sugar to make it all gold and xmassy.

And finally, we poured the mix in the lovely glasses. Voila!

Enjoy! finished-martini

Remember to let us know your thoughts!

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