Nude Espresso – Brick Lane

In the heart of Brick Lane, Nude Espresso welcomed us with a cosy and warm feel. The cool interior, red colours and decoration makes it the perfect spot for a date or a nice chat with friends. If you are new to this place, you quickly realise these people really know their coffee 🙂 The cafe is proud of their own bean sourcing, roasting and brewing facilities and as they say, they are super eager to deliver the best speciality coffee to you.

The cafe is young and buzzing with energy. If you look around, you find a mixture of people reading books whilst sipping coffee, people working on their laptops…and of course us, gossiping about something as usual and trying the coffee. Great experience!!

During our visit we had a single origin macchiato and a cappuccino which looked like this:

We were very impressed with the precision and the quality level the coffee was prepared with. The texture of the coffee was thick and creamy and had an intense dark colour. The flavour was strong and characteristic from the rich roast and if you don’t put sugar in your coffee you can taste a slight bitter aftertaste. It is a great coffee experience for those that like stronger coffee.

Rate 8 from the Unfiltered


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