Le Petit Corner – Leytonstone

To record our latest episode of our blog we have visited the super cute Le Petit Corner in the heart of Leytonstone. Located just a few steps away from the tube station, this new Coffee shop is guaranteed to be one of the cosiest and friendliest in the newly up and coming neighbourhood. The cafe is owned by a half English, Half French duo, who wanted to create a family friendly space for those with small kids, but also for those who want to be able to enjoy a nice coffee and chat without screaming kids next to them (this is more like us), so the space offers two separated floors so both can enjoy their time there. We thought this was a BRILLIANT IDEA, as being coffee bloggers we find it sometimes difficult to find a space that offers a quiet corner.

During our visit we had the pleasure to chat to one of the owners, Toby, who has kindly explained pretty much everything about their coffee, from the machine they use to the brew. It was great to see how much love and care they put in their cups. Toby told us that they source their coffee from the Winchester based Roasting Party and they mainly use the product called “Joe’s Green Balloon”. We thought this was a very good choice, as described by the roasters, this particular blend has a “round body, moderate acidity, and in the flavour you can taste slight dark chocolate with hint of dark fruits”. 

During our visit we had a skinny cappuccino and a soya latte, which looked perfect despite the soya. This is how it was served:


In the cappuccino you could recognise the fruity and chocolaty taste, which was a great combination with the medium roasted aroma and a perfectly frothed look. The latte was very smooth and creamy and the soya didn’t overpower the taste of the coffee. Both drinks were presented in retro /vintage mugs and cups which mirrored the environment of the place and which was super cute.

We would also like to mention, they also serve fresh food cooked in their kitchen, if you are hungry give it a go! The menu also offers vegetarian and vegan options.

To sum up, we were big fans of the mild and rich taste experience and the delicate after taste the brew left in our mouths. We can say we were very satisfied 🙂

Mark 9 from the Unfiltered

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