Fix Coffee – Shoreditch

In our last episode we have visited Fix Coffee in Shoreditch. On the rainy and miserable winter day we were looking for a quiet and cosy place, and as a last minute change of plans, we have discovered Fix Coffee, and what a find it was!

The “Fix” branch is located in 161 Whitecross Street, which is a perfect spot on a super busy weekend when all the cafes and restaurants are at peak and you just really want a peaceful and cosy sofa for a chat, date or even just to read your book. It has a slightly vintage decor with some very cool and colourful interiors. FIX also offers a good choice of healthy drinks and snacks as well as coffee machines and grinders for fanatics like us.

The cafe does not disappoint even when it comes to their brew. They proudly offer a wide range of original and unique blends. During our visit we were true to ourselves and ordered a ‘short’ and a slightly ‘longer’ delicacy.

Tiz had her favourite, espresso, while Adrienn ordered a piccolo with soya milk, which is similar to a flat white, but slightly smaller. This is what they looked like:


The staff at the counter were well trained and knowledgeable, they were able to advise us what blend to choose depending on if we were drinking of coffees with milk / soya or without.

The drinks were served in an elegant and simple glassware that really showed off the craft they were created with. We could easily see and admire all the beautiful layers of froth and coffee.

Now let’s talk about the flavours 🙂 The brew was thick  and creamy and had the perfect consistency. The exclusive roast for Fix had the characteristic and recognisable dark chocolate and caramel flavours coming through as we enjoyed each sip. The aftertaste was also smooth and didn’t leave a bitter taste behind.

During our visit we have also met a lovely couple who sat at our table. Experiences like this really makes the blogging worth the effort 🙂

Finally to find out what we had to say about Valentine’s day make sure you watch the episode 😉

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